We know the process and empower a multidisciplinary team to collaborate with you and deliver delightful digital solutions.

How it all began

and what drives us today.

In 2019, four of us began building mobile apps in partnership with companies in UK and USA, driven by our previous experience on managing digital systems of Travel Agency.

Today, we're a team of 20+ designers, engineers, project managers and tech enthusiasts, working with shared values and towards one goal: help our clients build successful tech products that solve real-world problems.

We focus on delivering user-friendly and delightful solutions, collaborating with a diverse team of experts that combines different backgrounds and expertise, delivering more than the sum of the parts.

Umair Jahangir

Ceo Of TekX Solutions

It makes me especially proud to be at the helm of an international team of designers, engineers, consultants and media strategists with the aim of delivering agile and independent solutions specifically designed to enhance the customer experience.

Syed Ali Naqvi

Strategy and UX Manager

Our Core Values

Clients are friends. Each of their problems are ours.

We don't assume. We arrive at solutions through careful inferences.

Ownership and accountability are our everyday practice.

100+ digital talents care about your project.

Expect design thinking, creativity and problem solving.

We know how to play digital for brand value.

We're a consumer engagement one-stop shop.

We've got an eye for functional design and impactful content.